How do I setup voicemail service to work with my answer machine and call blocker?

How do I setup voicemail service to work with my answer machine and call blocker?

When you have voice mail service and you connect the Call Blocker to your home phone system, you may notice that your local answer machine cannot take calls like before and your callers cannot leave a message on your answer machine. That is because the Call Blocker has First Ring Suppression and two other things are also occurring:

1) Voice mail from your phone company is set to answer the call after 5 rings and simultaneously; 2) your answer machine is set to answer after 4 rings. Because they are both trying to take the call, only the voice mail will be able to, as it takes the call completely off the line away from your house to free up the line for another call.

So to prevent this from happening, follow the simple step below. The Call Blocker works with both your voicemail and answer machine in the following way:

2) Normally, your local answer machine defaults to just 4 rings. However, because the Call Blocker is suppressing the 1st ring from the phone company, the answer machine will not receive the same rings as voicemail due to the separation. To override this, you will have to change the voice mail service ring count to 6 or higher when your answer machine is set to 4 rings. Just make sure the voice mail service is always two rings above your local answer machine's ring count. When you complete this one step, both systems will be fully operational.

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