How can I add a second device to the app?

How can I add a second device to the app?

Go to 'Switch device' and press '+' button on the bottom.

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    • How can I add a device?

      If you already have an account in CPR Guardian app, just login and press 'Add device'. add using QR code scanner: add using IMEI number:
    • How do I connect the device with the CPR Guardian app?

      Log in to CPR Guardian app, tap 'add device'. On the watch, swipe up and scan the QR code from the watch. 
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        Adding Contacts to the Blocklist ✎   Upon starting the app your blocklist will be blank by default. There are a variety of ways to add a number to the blocklist,  accessible via the ‘+ ADD‘ button above the  ‘ Blocklist‘ tab icon. You can choose ...
    • How can I switch device?

      Go to 'Switch Device' which you can find on the top right corner and choose the watch.
    • How can I find the device?

      Go to 'More' and press 'Find device'.